American Idol Is Riggged! - Insider Says

*****HOT HOT HOT!!!*****

This is a news story hot off the press from the New York Daily News.

A high level show insider is claiming that the final four contestants for this season's American Idol have already been chosen by the powers that be and they are currently working to determine who the final two will be.

According to the story you can find at this link, the insider is quoted as saying,

"Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds are better singers and musicians than Gokey and Grace, but they’re too much like past winners and ‘A’ successes"

The insider then goes on to say,

"Adam’s too close in style and sound to Chris Daughtry, while Lil Rounds is a dead ringer for Fantasia. Even their background stories are similar"

She then concluded with this,

"The producers really want it to be Danny or Alexis. They think they’re very commercially viable, have a good image and a great story."

This is an outrage! people we have got to pull together and let our voices be heard or they are going to railroad the most talented contestant off the show just because they think the other guy will make more money for them. Rise up people. Don't let this happen to someone so deserving.

We have got to speak out and keep the greedy AI producers from stealing this away from Adam Lambert!

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